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This is the home of Paul Bielatowicz!  This site was kindly re-designed by Joshua Waller, and hopefully you will like this place!  There's some good stuff in here - honest!! 

If you want to know about the famous band I was in, then check out the link to "Lydian Dream" - there's even information about an older band "Gallifrey" that I was in!  Have some Fun, with "Fun and Games", and why not check out the Guestbook, making sure you sign it before you leave!! 

If you ever want to get back to this front page, then just click the "Bielatowicz" logo at the top.

Lots of Love,

Paul Bielatowicz...

PS - Show Josh some respect, by paying him to do a web site for you!

What's new?

new link - 03/07/00

I'm online in my room now - so expect updates! - 26/09/01