Welcome to this Page co-designed and produced by Paul and Josh.
Welcome to this Page co-designed and produced by Josh and Paul.
Internet Explorer Users can be effected by a virus called HTML.Internal!!! (when security is off.) Whilst browsing the internet - Netscape users will not be effected!!!! The virus searches for files on the hard drive that end in *.htm and *.html and adds strings of text to the end of the file!! Switch over to Netscape before something nasty happens to you!! (source Interface, The Times 18/11/98.)
Although, this is more balanced in IE! (but Netscape points out errors in the HTML when you view the source!)
Hi there, I thought Paul wouldn't mind me changing this a bit, since it's a super joint page.
So, anyway, welcome to this super page, by Paul and Josh, with very little on it, so far, but here's a sneak preview of the bottom of the page. (on an ST - click to zoom)

Here's how totally sexy this looks on an ST running CAB and VGA 16 colours.
I was going to use this as my main page that I would use to tell you about the new pages that I've done on my web site but since I've already got a "Whats New?" Page on my site, I thought I may as well not bother.
I guess I'll just have to throw in a few plugs here and there for anything new I do... like... nah, only kidding, there's nothing yet! I think we'll probably need to figure out how to use those refs that let you go to certain parts of the document, i.e top etc. Do you know how to do that Paul? Coz' I don't!
Yep, click here to see Josh's web pages...

Here's another blatant plug, sorry. I can't help it. Anyway, I can't believe that the title is still the same!
But what's really bugging me is the fact that even though it's been set to be split in half 50-50, it's not equally balanced.

Dodgy Site of the week. 18/11/98.
Things I love by Josh...
If you are further interested in Josh, you can see Josh's Day on Josh's Web site, and there's also a thing about his life. There is also a timetable, so you know when he's doing what, or if you're on the same course as him and in the same group (6) then you can check out what lesson/thing you've got, and when!
Here we have some text by Josh just to make sure that it will sort itself out and split it 50-50 when there is text in this side... Hmmm... it doesn't seem to be doing it yet!
I hope you don't mind me doing this white on blue thing. It's not very black and white this page is it? I think that when Paul writes some stuff, in the other side, then it should balance out. Sorry for making this page look horrible Paul.
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Last updated by Josh : 19/11/98

Never can tell... coz it might be under construction from 1pm till 2pm but you might be looking between 2pm and 3pm so it's not currently under construction whilst you're looking at it.

"Shouldn't this page be awarded a prize for being so darn (D.A.R.N.) weird" - Josh 18/11/98

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